Planting & Transplanting

Your favourite tree blocking your view? Why not look at relocating the tree to a more suitable spot on your section.

We can also plant large trees for you, we have the right equipment to do this and it’ll save your back!

Trees can be moved

If you have a favourite tree, that’s not too big, we can give you an idea of the viability and cost to move the tree to a more suitable site on your section. 

Blocking your view? Trees planted in the wrong spot might be OK when small but over time they grow into large trees. Moving trees when they’re smaller gives them more of a chance to survive and thrive in their new spot. 

Call us today and find out what can be done to save your favourite tree. We’ll come to your site, explain the process and give you a free quote.

Should I move that tree?

Top reasons for transplanting trees

Where to find us

We cover the whole Southern Lakes Region, from Queenstown and Wanaka, through to Alexandra and Cromwell, across to Te Anau and anywhere in between.