Trimming, Reducing & Crown Lifts

Are your trees blocking your view or sunshine?

Our team can take your unruly trees and turn them into prized specimens. We can reduce the height of trees to open up the views or thin branches to let more light in. The options are endless! 

Don't let your trees block your views or sunlight!

Trees that are overgrown can be easily transformed into a thing of beauty. 

Our team take care to prune and shape trees so that they look their best. We’ll happily tidy up poor pruning or broken branches which reduces the chance of disease and rot setting in. Lifting the crown of a tree will transform an area, letting in more light and giving the tree a new lease on life.

Reducing the height of a tree can reduce the weight at the top and also open an area up to the beautiful views we have in our region.

Pruning, reducing and shaping is done with care and skill, your trees will thank you for it.

Why choose Tree care for the job?

Trees sometimes need help to look their best

Where to find us

We cover the whole Southern Lakes Region, from Queenstown and Wanaka, through to Alexandra and Cromwell, across to Te Anau and anywhere in between.